Giving Tuesday Tributes


Nashville Humane Association Tributes


Giving Tuesday reminds us that this is the season of giving our thanks and love to those in our lives, and to those in need in our community. For us at NHA, no one embodies the true meaning of this day of giving better than our furry friends “ those at home and those here at the shelter waiting for their families to come find them.

Thank you to those donors who made a donation on Giving Tuesday, in honor or memory of your furry loved one. This  tribute page recognizes those who give to us unconditionally every day. 

On behalf of all the animals in our care “ thank you for your support today and throughout the year!



From Randy and Cathy Noe - In Loving Memory of Ollie
"Thank you Ollie, for being the most amazing, wonderful gift to us while you were here.  We love you!!!"
-- Randy, Cathy, Alex, Chip, Milo, and LittleBit (Jacob & Anna)
We got Ollie almost 2 years ago from your place and he turned out to be such a blessing to us.  He recently died and we are grieving, but so thankful that he was in our life for as long as he was.  So thankful that God placed him with us when we walked through your doors.

From Claire Marvinney to Nashville Humane Association
"Thank you for your help rescuing animals!"

From Jennifer & Dennis Burn - In Loving Memory of Bailey
"This donation is made in our honor of our miniature schnauzer Bailey who passed away from congestive heart failure on June 19, 2016."  
We love NHA and all that they do for the Nashville community. We hope this gift will help them continue to provide support and new homes for the many dogs & cats they assist.

From Anne Six - In Loving Memory of Bridgett

From Betsy Bennett - In Loving Memory of Aldo, Sam, Freckles, Teddy and Prada

From Heather Martin - In Loving Memory of Faith Marie
"You are greatly missed Faith. Love you booger butt"
Because every animal needs a forever home and love in their life. They give us so much and ask for nothing in return and we need to do everything in our power to protect them and treat them right.

From Debra Jones on behalf of Justin - In Loving Memory of Scout
I'm thankful for the home NHA provides to homeless and unwanted animals. I always brought my grandsons to visit NHA when they were young knowing it would reinforce their love for animals even though they have one of their own. I continue to visit NHA to give a few belly rubs and lots of love to animals who need it even if it's just for a moment.

From Jacqueline Williams - In Loving Memory of Max, Emmy Lou, Duke and Lucy

From Andrea Wehman - In Honor of NHA
"I adopted my dog in March of 2015 and couldn't be happier with my pick! She is my furbaby!
Thank you NHA for taking care of her until I was so lucky to find her!"

From Marielle Dove - In Honor of NHA
"Because we love all pups and want them all to be happy healthy and find a good home."

From Will  Pendleton - In Loving Memory of Watson Pendleton

From Frances Burns - In Honor of NHA 
"To support your work."

From Ashley Christian-Koep - In Honor of NHA
"Appreciate all the work the Nashville Humane Association does."

From Kim Malick - In Honor of NHA
"To provide good care until they find their forever home."

From Jenness Schuhmann - In Honor of NHA
"I love NHA and all the animals you protect amd find homes for!"

From Gwendolyn Johnson - In Honor of NHA
"We've adopted both of our cats from you, and volunteered in the past."

From Laurie Miller - In Honor of Pam Vaziri
"Dear Pam, For Christmas in your honor I made a donation to the Nashville Humane Association.  I hope this makes a small difference in an animal's life. Merry Christmas!" - Love, Laurie    

From Kellie and Paul Conn - In Loving Memory of Wes Conn
"For the good work you do caring for indigent dogs."

From Brian Carden for Jim - In Loving Memory of Lissa Kelley
"Jim, I always felt Lissa was a sister I never had...she was such a dear part of our family & the memories of the Galloway family will be in my heart forever.  I will miss her..."  -- Brian Carden 
...I've had several that just showed up many years ago...dogs have always been a part of my heart....

From Erika Wright for Allison - In Memory of Zooey  

From John and Beth Stein for James - In Loving Memory of Lissa Kelley
"You are in our thoughts and prayers."  -- John and Beth Stein

For Christina Downey - In Honor of NHA
"I love animals!"

From Timothy Vacek for Jim - In Loving Memory of Lissa Kelley


For all those who gave and made a tribute of a loved one,
and for all those who gave - just becuase.... 

To make a donation in honor or memory or....just becuase please visit our donate page: