Nashville Humane | Where’s Teddy?
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Where’s Teddy?

Teddy’s Wagon is our customized mobile pet adoption unit. Staffed by a team of certified pet adoption volunteers, the Teddy’s Wagon Team places over 100 animals in loving homes each year! The Teddy’s Wagon Team is always eager to help our community members connect with their new best friend!


Teddy’s Wagon has also served as an animal refuge to our neighbors during times of crisis.  Given its mobility, our Disaster Animal Response Team (DART) has utilized Teddy’s Wagon in response efforts such as the Macon County Tornadoes and the May 2010 Nashville Floods, in addition to transporting animals from puppy mill raids throughout Tennessee.

We’ll make it easy! Here’s where we’ll be:


1/13/18 – Mallards Landing Apartments
Packard Drive, Antioch


2/10/17 – CAAN New Year’s Celebration
Blakemore Ave. / Vanderbilt Corner Park


2/17/18 – PetSmart
Sawyer Brown Rd, Bellevue


2/24/17 – PetSmart
Lebanon Pike, Hermitage



Click here to see our full calendar

Love our wagon as much as we do, and wish to schedule it for a corporate or community event? Please submit your request here through our Community Event Request Form:


For more information Teddy’s Wagon Events please contact us at (615)352-1010.