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Learn more about our Critter Camp Crawl and find the application to sign up!
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This year, Critter Camp evolves into Critter Camp Crawl, expanding opportunities for the youth of Nashville to get involved with NHA.

Critter Camp Crawl


Nashville Humane Association and Mars Petcare are excited to present the first ever “Critter Camp Crawl!” For the past 12 years, NHA has hosted Critter Camp in the shelter, offering two week-long sessions free of charge in July, providing 12 campers (ages 7-12) per week hands-on experiences learning about various animal-related topics such as: animal safety, responsible pet ownership, pet overpopulation, and careers with animals.

In recent years, however, we’ve seen a great influx of interest as Nashville’s population has exponentially grown, but we are limited in the capacity of campers we can accommodate in-house.  In order to offer the information to, engage more children of, and expand impact across a wider spectrum of ages (Pre-K-12th Grade), we are mobilizing camp this year.  Our goal in introducing Critter Camp Crawl is the opportunity to participate in other Davidson County area camps and summer programs, spreading awareness of our agency’s role and ways the community can assist us in promoting animal welfare to as many of our Nashville neighbors as possible.  


Each off-site program lasts approximately 45 minutes but varies depending upon age groups and topics.  For presentations hosted on-site, please allot an hour minimum, as these include tours of the facility and puppy.  All programs include corresponding worksheets, activities and/or takeaways (as supplies and time allow). As Mars Petcare sponsors camp, there is no fee for these presentations.  However, donations to support the animals in our care are always welcomed, so for more information on needed items, please visit:


If you’re leading camp, summer school, or a community program with 10 participants or more and would like to schedule an off-site presentation or shelter visit on one of the listed dates, please review the following for more details and submit an application via email to or via fax to 615-352-4111.

If you have any Critter Camp questions, Please Contact:

Fax: 615.352.4111
Mail: 213 Oceola Avenue, Nashville, TN 37209