Canister Donation Program - Nashville Humane
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Coin Canister Donation Program

Nashville Humane’s Canister Donation Program creates a unique opportunity for local business owners to support our shelter animals and operations. Providing counter space for an NHA coin canister at your business lets your customers’ small change make a huge difference in the lives of shelter animals. Over the last three years, the coin canisters have generated nearly $20,000 and have contributed to saving the lives of hundreds of homeless animals! Other than providing the location, you will not need to lift a finger for the Canister Donation Program. A dedicated NHA volunteer will swap out the box each month for you.


Once your coin canister has been delivered, your business will be recognized as a coin canister location on our website, and we’ll also give you a shout-out on our social media to let the community know you support NHA shelter animals. We also welcome you to visit the shelter for a photo op that you can share on your own social media channels to further promote your commitment to helping homeless animals and spreading the love to Nashville non-profits!  Complete a request form by clicking the button below and a coin canister will be delivered to your business. You can also request a coin canister by emailing Kyra Waller at or by calling 615-354-6350.


Thank you again for your support of all the animals at Nashville Humane Association!

Thank you to the following businesses for displaying our coin canisters to support NHA and the shelter pets in our care!