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Courtesy Listings - Pets Available via Direct Adoption
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Courtesy Listings

STOP! Before You Scroll, Read Below!

What’s a Courtesy Listing?

Courtesy listings are pets who are currently available for adoption via direct adoption meaning transfer of ownership is to occur through the owner and prospective adopter without Nashville Humane Association’s involvement. In this, this is a referral service only and Nashville Humane Association makes no guarantees relating to the pet’s temperament, medical background or individual needs.

I’m Interested in Adopting a Courtesy Listing Pet – Who Do I Contact?

If you are interested in adopting a pet below, please contact the pet’s owner via the contact information listed. Nashville Humane Association will not be responding to inquiries regarding these pets. If a pet’s listing is no longer available, they are currently unavailable for adoption.

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

These pets may also be listed by their owner on rehoming networks including but not limited to Adopt a Pet, Get Your Pet, Rescue Me and the Facebook Group Nashville Pet Rehoming. When applicable, a link to their profiles on the networks will be included. For further information regarding direct adoption, please view our Rehoming Your Pet page. Courtesy Listings may be removed within 60 days of being posted to allow for new listings.


1.5yrs, Heeler/Pit Mix

Neutered Male, Microchipped

Hi Fellow Adventurer and Future Best Friend! My name is Flash and the people that know me best would describe me as social and quick to befriend (no one is a stranger!) playful and lively (bouncy-as-ever!) goofy and comical (a lover of silliness!) and adventurous (ready to hike, romp and play!) I’m also said to be the most bubbly so put down your metaphorical champagne and let’s party! You might also like to know I’m house-trained, crate-trained, leash-trained, love humans and I’m sure to impress with my sit, stay, wait and ok (release) and place (come and down) And just like me, I bet you love playing tug-o-war, wrestling, goofing around and adventuring around in the backyard! But we all have our quirks! I’d thrive in a home that could offer further training support – After all, we’re never done learning! I’d also benefit from someone who has experience in or someone willing to help me grow in behaviors relating to hyperarousal (best aided through a combination of management and b-mod) Oh, and a yard – Perfect for my zoomies! So what do you say? I can’t wait to thrive in my new home and love the family meant for me! Do I sound like your perfect match?! Then throw this dog a bone & Let’s play, play, play!
Oh, and before I forget – I go home with my food/toys galore/bed/crate/leash and collar –  This way you can focus on what’s important – Me, us and our new life together!



Owner Contact:

Erik W.