Darcy Miller Lashinsky - Nashville Humane
Learn about our dear friend, Darcy Miller Lashinsky.
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Darcy Miller Lashinsky.


With boundless energy and compassion, for over a decade, Darcy served as a Nashville Humane Association volunteer, a member of our Board, and an advocate for animals in our community and beyond. While her loss is immense, the impact of her life on us all is immeasurable.


So through our grief we choose to celebrate Darcy and:


Her ability to make people and animals feel special


Her smile that lit up a room


Her generous spirit


Her giving nature


Her enthusiasm to help anyone in need


Her ability to befriend everyone, two legged or four,


the moment she met them,


Her Best Bear Hugs,


And her ability to never be on time to a board meeting


because she was spending her time loving the homeless animals on our adoption floor.


For this and so, so much more, we thank you Darcy, for gracing us with your life. You will be forever be in our hearts, and missed in our lives.


Darcy was a true angel on earth. May she rest in peace now.


Darcy was a loving wife, mother and dear friend to all adoptable animals. Her contributions to animal welfare and Nashville Humane Association were countless and will remain as a lasting and impressive legacy beyond just one person’s lifetime. Darcy is remembered at NHA in memoriam via the Darcy Lashinsky Memorial Food Bank. Darcy remembered by Billboard, the Tennessean, and Charleston Post & Courier.