Director's Message - Nashville Humane
A message from our director, Laura Chavarria.
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Message From Our Director

Dear Friends,


Happy 2020! We cannot thank you enough for all your support in 2019! It was another outstanding year for NHA and our animals! Thanks to you, we were able to support displaced pets during disaster relief, transport animals from rural shelters that have difficulty managing census and placing animals, and we collaborated with ASPCA, HSUS and other organizations to provide assistance where the need is greatest. We are innovating and helping to lead the charge for adoption, animal advocacy, and responsible pet ownership, not only here Nashville, but regionally across the southeast and throughout the country.


Year-over-year we have been named “Best Place to Adopt” by our community here in Nashville, which is a distinction we do not take lightly. We work hard to ensure that we are not complacent and we are constantly working to improve and move forward. We believe it is essential that we are good stewards of the generous funds that are gifted to our agency by you. That support means we’re able to help more of Nashville and middle Tennessee’s homeless and adoptable animals along the way.


With your support, we made 2019 another amazing, banner year at NHA. But we’re nowhere near our finish line, and there is still far too much that needs to be accomplished for the homeless and adoptable shelter pet community. That’s why in 2020 we want to go even bigger, do more, reach farther, and save more lives.


Andrew Carnegie once said, “Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” The accomplishments of 2019 were only achieved by everyone: staff, our community, and our supporters all working together. We achieved uncommon results! Working together, we will accomplish much more in 2020.


On behalf of all the animals and families we serve, please accept my appreciation and thanks for your on-going support.


Warmest Regards,


Laura Chavarria, Executive Director