Director's Message - Nashville Humane
A message from our director, Laura Chavarria.
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Message From Our Director

Dear Friends,


Right on the heels of the disastrous March 2nd tornadoes that rocked Nashville and across middle Tennessee, the disaster that is known now as the novel Coronavirus took hold of our entire planet. But that did not stop us from supporting animals and people in our community and beyond.


· As a response to pet food shortages and the ensuing economic collapse, we expanded our Darcy Lashinsky Memorial Food Bank from twice a month to twice a week. Additionally, we modified the food bank to be a “safe distance” drive thru service!


· We transported over 2,000 animals from shelters that were closed or in need of additional support, including more than five live saving transports into our NHA adoption program.


· During this time, we developed an innovative virtual adoption-from-foster program where potential adopters were able to digitally meet, via Skype, Zoom, and facetime, with potentially adoptees. Once a match was made, a safe distance transition happened outside the shelter.


· We found homes for over 3,400 dogs and cats. We kept pushing because they needed us more than ever.


We are dedicated to saving animal lives. Thankfully, our life saving work falls under the vital services exemption of veterinary and pet services care. Thank you for your continued support, we could not do this without you!



Laura Baker

Executive Director

Nashville Humane Association