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NHA Directory of Resources
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The NHA Directory of Resources



Nashville Humane Association (NHA) is dedicated to preserving the human-animal bond by way of providing resources to those in need. We believe by providing these resources we are able to ensure an informed and responsible community and in this – families who are able to care for their pets without the need for rehoming, pets which 88% of persons consider an essential family member. While we seek to promote what resources may be utilized, we are not affiliated with the companies and or organizations listed.


In this directory you’ll find:


  • Human Help relating to domestic violence and homelessness, TN food banks, transitional living and housing assistance including utility assistance, medical and financial assistance, career and education guidance as well as contacts to local advocacy groups.
  • Pet Medical Help relating to low-cost spay and neuter, basic medical care, financial assistance programs for pets in need and more.
  • Dog Help relating to health and basic care, relationship-building, behavioral management and training, fostering for those on deployment, boarding facilities and in-home service providers and more.
  • Cat Help relating to health and basic care, relationship-building, behavioral management and training, boarding facilities, misc. community cat resources and more.


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