FAQ - Nashville Humane
Nashville Humane's frequently asked questions answered!
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Find the answer to your question here, among our frequently asked questions.

If you don’t find yours, don’t worry!  Just give us a call at (615) 352-1010.

What should I do if I have knowledge of an animal that is being abused or neglected?

If you are a Davidson County resident, call Metro Animal Care and Control at 615-862-7928 or fill out their form online. Other county contacts are as follows:

Does NHA have a waiting list for people looking for a certain breed of animal?


No, the volume of requests is such that we encourage people to call 615-352-1010 to see what is currently available or check out our adoption pages for regular updates to our available animal lists:


Does NHA euthanize animals?


The Nashville Humane Association is a low-kill shelter. This means we do euthanize animals, but only if it is necessary due to illness or dangerous or aggressive behavior problems.  That said, in 2019 we had a 99% save rate, which was amazing, but may not be reasonable to expect as a year over year outcome. We are always working for the best goal possible, but we are realistic and pragmatic at the same time.