Lost & Found Pets - Nashville Humane
What to do if you have lost a pet or found a pet.
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Helpful Tips to Prevent Pet Loss:


  1. Microchip – Ensure your pet is identifiable via tag identification and microchip, both modern rabies tags and microchips should be registered to your most current address. Does your pet need a microchip? Visit our Pet Medical Help page for a list of low-cost clinics.
  2. Spay and Neuter – Intact animals will roam because they are looking to fulfill the natural instinct to mate. Spay and Neuter eliminates this desire.
  3. Obey Leash Laws – Never leave your pet unattended, unleashed, or outdoors when an adult is not present. Don’t forget to close windows and lock doggie doors while not home!
  4. Work on Recall – Understand the importance of recall and work with your pet to improve their recall training! View the AKC’s Recall Tips here.

Have You Lost Your Pet?


  1. If you’ve lost your pet in Davidson County, Metro Animal Care and Control 615-862-7928 is your tax-funded resource. To post your lost pet to their network and better understand their process for lost and found pets, click here.
  2. Utilize social media – This may include the Next Door website and app or misc. Facebook Lost and Found groups such as Skippy Lou’s Lost & Found.
  3. Hang neon fliers in your neighborhood, especially near large intersections – these fliers should show a large photo of the lost pet and your contact information in large, bold, lettering. Fliers hung near intersections should be laminated to avoid distress.
  4. Use florescent window markers to promote the lost pet – Don’t forget to tape a large photo of the pet to your window so passers-by have a visual!
  5. Click here for to better understand lost dog behavior.
  6. Click here to better understand lost cat behavior. 

Have You Found a Pet?


  1. Are you a resident of Davidson County? Notify Metro Animal Care & Control immediately at 615-862-7928 and post the found animal to Pet Harbor. Please note: Posting to this network and or identifying you have found an animal via phone is not a formal stray-intake, this merely indicates an animal has been found.
  2. The stray-hold for a found pet is 3 days without identification (information tag or microchip) and 7 days with identification. In certain instances, the finder may foster or provide housing for the animal during this stray-hold. In this, Davidson County law states anyone providing care for an animal in excess of 14 days is that animal’s legal owner, with many surrounding counties having similar laws. For this reason, it is in the best interest of all parties to have the found animal immediately registered with their local animal control agency through a formalized stray-intake so that if no owner is located, the agency is able to provide placement or decide pathways for that animal. Should the finder be interested in fostering or providing placement while the owner is found or adopting if no owner is found, it is recommended to suggest this at stray-intake, with the appropriate contracts signed between finder and agency during that time.
  3. Utilize Social Media – Post the found pet to Nextdoor and Facebook Lost and Found Pet groups like Skippy Lou’s Lost & Found. If you can, hang neon fliers in your neighborhood, especially near large intersections – these fliers should show a large photo of the found pet and the finder’s contact information in large, bold, lettering.  You might also consider using florescent window markers to promote the found pet – In this, don’t forget to tape a large photo of the pet to your window so passers-by have a visual!
  4. Take the animal to your vet or local animal control to be scanned for a microchip; this could quickly lead you to the owner.

Not in Davidson County?

Williamson Co. 615-595-4880

Cheatham Co. 615-792-3647

Montgomery Co. 931-648-5750 

Rutherford Co. 615-907-3647 or 615-898-7740

Mt. Juliet 615-773-5533

Maury Co. 931-375-1401 

Seeking to Report an Abandoned Animal, Cruelty or Neglect?


While Davidson Country residents may seek to call their local animal control at 615-862-7928 they may also document and send these requests via Metro Animal Care and Control’s online form.