Lost & Found Pets - Nashville Humane
What to do if you have lost a pet or found a pet.
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What to do if you’ve lost your pet


  1. Metro Animal Care and Control is Nashville/Davidson County’s open admission animal center. If you have lost your pet in Davidson County, MACC is your resource.  Visit MACC’s Lost & Found website. Also, MACC has a useful Lost & Found Resources page.  Skippy Lou’s Lost & Found is the most commonly used Facebook group in the Nashville area.
  2. There are numerous resources for people to post online about their lost pet. Your neighborhood may be on the Next Door website, or have a Facebook Lost and Found Pet Page.
  3. Here are some tips from Humane Society US, and ASPCA that will help you in your search for your lost pet.

What to do if you found a pet:


  1. Notify Metro Animal Care & Control at 615-862-7928 if you are in Nashville/Davidson County. MACC is Davidson County’s open admission shelter and the county’s resource for lost and found pets.  Here is a link to their Found Pet webpage.
  2. Notify your local shelters, veterinary hospitals, The Tennessean classifieds, and Facebook Lost and Found Pet Pages, your neighborhood Nextdoor page, and put up signs in your neighborhood.  Skippy Lou’s Lost & Found is the most commonly used Facebook group in the Nashville area.
  3. Take the animal to your vet or local shelter to be scanned for a microchip; this could quickly lead you to the owner.