Lost & Found Pets - Nashville Humane
What to do if you have lost a pet or found a pet.
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Have You Lost Your Pet?


  1. If you’ve lost your pet in Davidson County, Metro Animal Care and Control is your tax-funded resource. Visit MACC’s Lost & Found website for more information.
  2. Utilize social media – This may include the Next Door website and app or misc. Facebook Lost and Found groups such as Skippy Lou’s Lost & Found. Be sure to hang fliers in your neighborhood and, if possible, laminate those hung near busy intersections.
  3. View additional tips via the ASPCA here.

Have You Found a Pet?


  1. Are you a resident of Davidson County? Notify Metro Animal Care & Control immediately at 615-862-7928 and post the found animal to Pet Harbor.
  2. Utilize Social Media – Post the found pet to Nextdoor and Facebook Lost and Found Pet groups like Skippy Lou’s Lost & Found. If you can, hang fliers in your neighborhood.
  3. Take the animal to your vet or local animal control to be scanned for a microchip; this could quickly lead you to the owner.