Managed Placement - Nashville Humane
All information needed to learn how to surrender a pet at Nashville Humane.
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Managed Placement


What is Managed Placement and How Does This Impact Owned Animals?


In accordance with NHA’s mission, the organization is committed to providing each animal within our shelter optimum care and housing. To that end, we operate a managed placement shelter. This comprehensive approach ensures our focus on our mission to rescue, shelter, heal, adopt and advocate for animals in need and provide compassionate care for the sick, injured and abused animals who have no one else to care for them and rely on us for a second chance at a good life.  These policies ensure the health of the pet(s) being rehomed through Nashville Humane, with emphasis on the health of the animals already in our care. 


Families considering rehoming their pet are first given the opportunity to connect with our Safety Net Resource Coordinator regarding their pet’s issue(s). Our goal is to provide families with sustainable resources and in this – to encourage responsible pet ownership resulting in the pet remaining with those who love them.  Our comprehensive directory features resources ranging from medical, behavioral, economic, housing and beyond. To learn more of what resources exist, click here. 


We believe managed placement will help keep more pets with their people, provide greater care to the animals entrusted to us and ultimately save lives.   


Are You Looking to Rehome Your Animal? 


An appointment is required to rehome an owned animal. This enables us to provide you better service when you arrive and your animal responsible and appropriate care. Please see below for more information on how to schedule an appointment, what to expect and what to bring to your appointment. Prior to an appointment being scheduled, you must complete the Rehoming Application below. Walk-ins are not accepted. 

What to Expect After Submitting Your Application:



Your Application Will be Reviewed


After you complete and submit your surrender application, our Safety Net Resource Coordinator will connect with you via email or by phone to ask key questions about the animal including why you’re looking to rehome. We will then connect you with the resources we feel may prove long-term solutions -this includes resources ranging from medical, behavioral, economic, housing and beyond – We will do our best to collaborate in finding a long term solution to keep your animal in the home and those in the home confident and secure.


If Your Application is Accepted


If we can accept your animal, we will then schedule you an appointment to bring in your animal. We will do our best to admit your animal into our care, but we cannot make any guarantees as the placement of owned animals is subject to current and expected census. If we cannot admit your animal or admit your animal in a time frame that works for you, we will provide you with contacts of other groups or resources who may be able to assist you.


What Will My Appointment Be Like?


On your appointment day, we ask that you bring:

  • Your valid Driver’s License or State ID. Any veterinary paperwork and any medications the animal is on.
  • You are also welcome to bring a familiar toy or something with a familiar scent on it to help the animal adjust once in our facility. You may also sponsor your pet’s proposed adoption fee. Please note, once the animal is admitted into our care, we will not be able to update you on the status of the animal.


Your appointment will last approximately an hour. During this time, we will review the animal rehoming form which includes information regarding your pet’s behaivor and past. We will also have you fill out paperwork to release the animal into our care. Additionally, your pet will receive a medical exam and behavior assessment to ensure we have the appropriate resources to be able to care for your pet. Please note a scheduled appointment does not guarantee placement into the shelter.




For Found and Stray Animals:



If you have found an animal and or are seeking to rehome a stray animal, please connect with your local goverment agency to do so as Nashville Humane is unable to legally accept stray and found animals into our adoptions program. Metro Animal Care and Control is the primary agency responsible for found and stray animals in Davidson County. Their contact information can be found below.


Metro Animal Care and Control

(615) 862-7928

5125 Harding Place Nashville, TN 37211