Are you an animal lover residing in Tennessee? If so, this is an important call to action for you! According to recent estimates, approximately fifty animals, including cats and dogs, make Nashville, Tennessee, their new home every day. While Nashville is known for being a pet-friendly city, it’s important to ask ourselves if Tennessee as a state is doing enough to protect and care for our furry friends.

The Tennessee General Assembly is currently in session discussing legislature that could have a significant impact on animal welfare in the state. As responsible citizens and animal lovers, it’s crucial that we familiarize ourselves with these bills and reach out to our representatives to make our voices heard. After all, our four-legged companions can’t speak for themselves, so it’s up to us to advocate on their behalf.

Nashville is filled with compassionate and caring people who value their animal companions. However, as Tennesseans, we must come together to ensure that all animals throughout the state are treated with the respect and care they deserve. By contacting our elected officials and speaking up on behalf of our furry friends, we can make a positive impact on animal welfare legislation in Tennessee.

It’s time to take action. Familiarize yourself with the animal welfare bills currently being discussed by the Tennessee General Assembly, and reach out to your representative to let them know how important this issue is to you. Together, we can ensure that all animals in Tennessee receive the love, care, and protection they deserve.

• SB 183/HB 398 – This bill would require mental health evaluations for juveniles who commit aggravated animal cruelty.

• SB 194/ HB 285 – This bill raises animal cruelty offenses involving a cock from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class E felony.

• SB 195/HB 472 – This bill would define “adequate shelter” for outdoor dogs and has been introduced in both the House and the Senate.

• SB 451/HB 165 – This bill would allow service dogs in training to access the same public locations a service dog has access to for training purposes.

• SB 512/HB 477 – This bill would designate April 5th as cat & dog adoption day in Tennessee each year.

• SB 568/HB 467 – This bill allows a court in a divorce or annulment action to provide for the ownership or joint ownership of any pet or companion animal owned by the parties, taking into consideration the well-being of the animal.

• SB 835/HB 1320 – This bill would create an offense for a person to knowingly restrain a dog outside while a natural or manmade disaster is imminent or occurring.

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If you want to get more involved with animal welfare, please consider joining us! We have many opportunities to volunteer, foster, and advocate for our animals on a local, state, and national level.