Every year on January 24, we celebrate Change a Pet’s Life Day by encouraging adoption and raising awareness for shelter animals. While adopting may be the ultimate way to change a pet’s life, it’s not the only way! Below are 5 ways you can have a positive impact on the lives of pets in need.


Foster homes are essential for shelters to change the lives of as many pets as possible. When you foster a shelter pet, you open space for another one to be brought into our program. We need fosters for neonates, sick or injured animals, and dogs or cats who may find shelter life too stressful. We provide all the supplies, you just provide the love! Learn more about how you can join our foster team here!

Doggie Dates

A doggie date or rovernight is a great way to give a shelter dog a short break from the shelter and have some fun. Information you provide from your time together will also help potential adopters when looking for their new best friend!


Our volunteers are dedicated to changing pets’ lives every day. Providing exercise, enrichment, and socialization help the dogs and cats in our care become more adoptable. But volunteering doesn’t stop at direct animal care. There are many other ways you can volunteer for Nashville Humane and help change the lives of shelter pets. You can find more information about volunteering at NHA here!


As a nonprofit, we rely heavily on donations from animal lovers to keep operations going. We also accept in-kind gifts that are essential for providing the best care possible to our shelter pets. You can view our most-needed items here.

Share and Advocate

One of the easiest ways to support shelter pets and help change their lives is by engaging with us on social media and sharing our posts. You never know who may see your share and decide that’s the pet for them! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, and LinkedIn!

A woman holding a foster puppy.
A sleeping neonate kitten.
A man wearing a backpack that says, "We're on a field trip. You can adopt this dog" is walking a dog on a trail.
A volunteer holds a puppy that has just arrived at Nashville Humane.