NHA Remembrance Day is a special day dedicated to remembering those in our furry families who have passed in the last year. Every year on the day after Dog Day, we take a moment to recognize those who have “crossed the rainbow bridge” and invite you to share with us a photo of a pet you’ve lost this year or share your heart with those who have experienced loss over the past year.

The loss of a pet can be an especially difficult time. Every single person at Nashville Humane knows this feeling all too well. And even though loss is part of the very nature of sheltering, it is never easy. But the reason why loss is truly difficult is because of love. Love that was shared through moments together. Love shared through life. Remembrance is about the celebration of life and love shared together.

Honor and Memorial is a big part of our mission here at Nashville Humane. Friends of the shelter are able to dedicate memorials or pay tribute to their loved ones or friends and help shelter pets along the way. In that way, they honor those who have passed by celebrating the living. On behalf of everyone at NHA, to anyone who has ever known loss, our hearts go out to you. And to those who have had a loss, whether recent or distant, when you’re ready to begin to try to fill that hole in your heart, we’d be honored if you visited Nashville Humane. 💙💛❤️

Here are names and photos of beloved pets who we celebrate today on NHA Remembrance Day. Bernie, Ethyl Jane, One-Eyed Willie, Sanchez, Javelin Cash, Chloe, Baxter, Buddy, Walker, Speck, Chewy, Harper, Sirius Black, Kobe, Sassy, Stella, Missy Chicken, Seven