There’s no doubt that you heard about the horrible damage and lives affected by last week’s disastrous Hurricane Ian. Among the affected were shelters that were levelled and the shelter pets displaced in the aftermath of the storms. Yesterday, in partnership with our friends at Humane Society of the United States, we opened our hearts and arms to some pretty amazing hurricane doggos from “ground zero” to their new home in Music City!

Say hello to 21 of our brand new best friends right here at Nashville Humane. Here’s a little bit into how the process works. Yesterday, the Transport Team spent a couple hours unloading these little friends while Animal Care prepared nice beds and cozy spaces for them to decompress after a lot of stress and a very long road trip.

Today, our Medical Team has been assessing each and every little that has come into our care. There’s Tinkerbell, our tiniest hurricane survivor, who is suffering from a double luxating patella. Basically, her kneecaps slip out of the smooth groove which keeps her knees and legs working, and keeps Tinkerbell walking. It can be quite painful and she’s going to need surgery, but we’re committed to ensuring that each and every one of these pets has a healthy and happy life!

From surgeries, to dentals, to spays & neuters, to any other number of medical conditions, we’ll learn more today as the medical exams take place. But all of this is made possible thanks to your generous support. When pets (or their people) are in need, we’re able to say yes because you make this happen. As an entirely gift-based not-for-profit we’re able to turn a natural disaster into a happy ending for these 21 little ones, and thousands more just like them. And it’s all thanks to you.

This is how all the work is done. Everything starts with you. And every little bit helps. There’s a “Donate” button on our Facebook post that you can find here or on the button below.