It’s #NationalDogDay, a perfect day to introduce you to Scooby, a sweet, gentle boy who just can’t seem to catch a break.

Scooby arrived at Nashville Humane with a weakened immune system and a nasty skin condition called Demodex. Because of his sick and weakened condition, his skin condition worsened to a bacterial and fungal infection that had him literally bleeding and oozing from his pores. Poor Scooby!

Once we began treatment, our hope was that Scooby would have a quick and full recovery. But sadly, Scooby wasn’t so lucky. While recovering from his skin condition, Scooby started to develop chronic ear infections that became difficult to treat. A procedure called a TECA-BO was recommended, which would remove his ear canal and middle ear. After the first of two procedures, infection struck again! How can the same dog be hit with so many setbacks? But Scooby is a fighter, and we’re definitely not giving up on him.

That brings us to now. Scooby is receiving aggressive antibiotic treatments, which cost around $1,000/month. In addition, his ear surgeries were around $3,400 each. For many shelters without a medical team or the support that we have, that could have meant a bad end to Scooby’s story. But Scooby has you and our Emergency Medical Fund, which your generous support has built exactly for this very purpose.

Scooby has had so many setbacks. It’s time that we change the pattern and show him what it looks like for a whole bunch of good things to happen at once! For this $5 Friday, we’re asking if you can give not only for Scooby, but also for the next pup who comes to us desperate for medical attention so that we can save their life, just like Scooby! Donations can be made through the donate button on this post or through our Venmo, which is also @nashvillehumane. Thank you so much for your incredible support!