The thing about Waylen is he’s a little fighter, and he’s not just going to give up. He’s going to keep hanging on even as he continues to battle a nasty bout of parvovirus in our ICU.

Under the careful observation of our medical team, Waylen is getting the best possible medical attention we can muster. We are doing everything we can to ensure his survival. The good news is that four of his puppy friends and littermates have already beaten parvo and have just been cleared to leave ICU in preparation for adoption! These little mighty warriors should be available on the adoption floor very soon.⁠

If you’re not familiar, parvo is a particularly nasty virus that is especially dangerous to puppies and their underdeveloped immune systems. A bad bout of parvovirus can wipe out entire litters of puppies in a shelter environment, and that’s one of the reasons why many shelters choose not to even have puppies in their care. The threat of parvovirus is so dangerous it’s just not worth the risk. But here at Nashville Humane, we work hard to save these little puppy lives, and we’re able to do so, in large part, due to your support.

For $5 Friday, we’re raising funds to ensure that when parvo breaks, and it inevitably will, we’ll have the resources necessary to do whatever it takes to give infected puppies a fighting chance. You are their lifeline, and we could not do this without you. These treatments are expensive, and they can be quite time and resource intensive. Donations can be made through the donate button on the linked post, here on our website, or through our Venmo, which is @nashvillehumane. Thank you so much for all your love and support!