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Learn how to become a member of Nashville Humane Association.
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Become an NHA Member

When Scott and Oscar (pictured top left) first came to NHA they arrived seperately, but it didn’t take long for them to develop a special bond, comforting each other during their time of transition here at the shelter. We do everything we can to ensure companions, like Scout and Oscar, are adopted together into a forever home because we recognize that these bonds, whether they are between litter mates or friends, are powerful. They give us strength and make us family.


Here at NHA, we consider all of our staff, volunteers and supporters to be members of the NHA family.  But most importantly, our members know that together we are all doing our part to help over 4,000 homeless, wonderful animals get a second chance at a happy future.


For adoptables like Scott and Oscar, who need a little more time with us to find just the right home, your membership support makes all the difference.