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Rehoming Your Pet via Direct Adoption
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Rehoming Your Pet

Preserving the Human-Animal Bond

In accordance with NHA’s mission, our organization is committed to providing each animal within our shelter optimum care and housing. To that end, we operate a managed placement shelter. This comprehensive approach focuses on our mission to rescue, shelter, heal, adopt and advocate for animals in need while also providing compassionate care for the sick, injured and abused animals who have no one else to care for them and rely on us for a second chance at a good life. These policies ensure the health of the pets being placed through Nashville Humane, with emphasis on the health of the animals already in our care. 


Families considering rehoming their pet are first given the opportunity to connect with our Safety Net Resource Coordinator regarding their pet’s challenges. Our goal is to preserve the human-animal bond by providing families with sustainable resources and in this – solutions which result in the pet remaining with those who love them, their family. Our comprehensive and topic-driven Directory of Resources includes resources for both people and pets alike – ranging from behavioral, economic, housing, medical and more.

Before You Rehome: There’s a Resource for That!

There are many common challenges which leave pet owners feeling they have no choice but to rehome their pet – a four-legged friend which 88% of persons consider a family member. The good news? There are many ways to overcome these challenges and preserve the human-animal bond!


Are you in Need of Human Help? View our Human Help page for resources including legal assistance, utility and rent assistance, emergency food pantries and basic needs assistance, education and employment help, low-cost medical for individuals and families, local advocacy group contacts, sexual assault and domestic violence resources as well as temporary housing and homeless shelter contacts. Because like you, we know we all need help now and then!


Traveling or Moving Locally or Internationally, Facing Pet-Restrictions, Breed-Discrimination or Cannot Find Pet-Friendly Housing? View our Pet Advocacy, Housing and Travel page!


Having Difficulty Affording Pet Food or Basic Pet Supplies? View our Pet Food Bank page!


Having Difficulty Affording Veterinary Care? View our Pet Medical Help page!


Seeking Guidance on Pets and Children? View our Pets and Children page!


Facing Challenges with Behavior and Need Training Guidance? View our comprehensive and topic-driven Directory of Resources and select the tab “Dog Help” or “Cat Help” view our Dog Help page for training resources.


Suffering from Pet Allergies? View our Pet Allergies page!


Are you in Need of Temporary Care or Crisis Fostering? View our Temporary Care page. 


Experiencing Homelessness? The Nashville Rescue Mission, with supplies provided by Nashville Humane Association, is able to house both people and their dogs!


Assisting a Local Community Cat Colony and Overwhelmed? View our Cat Help page!


Assisting a Stray or Found Pet? View our Lost & Found page for resources!