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Safety Net: The Resource Center of NHA
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Safety Net: The Resource Center of NHA

What is Safety Net? 


Safety Net at Nashville Humane Association (NHA) exists to preserve the human-animal bond by providing a resource response to both every-day challenges and often overwhelming crises. Resources relating to behavioral, training and rehoming guidance in addition to resource referrals for veterinary care, housing assistance and human services are provided in-shelter, online, by phone and through partners in our community. Services such as our Pet Food and Supply Bank, Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic, and Directory of Resources grant access to care to the most vulnerable populations, often those who face the greatest barriers and most harmful stigmas in our community. As we expand, our aim remains clear – to preserve the human-animal bond, improve access to care and reduce barriers therein.



Who Does Safety Net Serve?


Safety Net serves a wide variety of persons and their pets but as many of our communications are done via email and text, our primary target group are those in their 20s-60s. As we understand this creates a barrier in improving access to care, we remain committed to creating partnerships in the community in effort to reach those not included in this age bracket.



What are the Larger Goals of Safety Net?


Temporary Care – This program, which would combine the efforts of our Safety Net program and Foster program, would provide temporary fostering and boarding for pets facing immediate displacement due to a variety of crises such as  domestic violence, emergency medical or financial hardship resulting in eviction or foreclosure. While this is currently unavailable, persons in need are encouraged to view our Directory of Resources in addition to our Pet Advocacy Housing and Travel page.


Text-for-Help – This volunteer-run program would provide immediate support for those in need via a central number. This helpline may direct persons in need to human resources but will primarily exist to provide pet resources to those in need. While this is currently unavailable, persons in need are encouraged to view our Directory of Resources.


Behavioral and Training, Medica and Pet Deposit Financial Aid – This program would utilize partnerships with local organizations and businesses to provide discounted services to those in need. While this is currently unavailable, persons in need are encouraged to view our Directory of Resources, Pet Medical Help page and our Pet Advocacy Housing and Travel page.

Partnerships in the Community


Is your business or organization interested in becoming a partner of Safety Net?Email if you would like to join our cause in improving access to care, removing barriers therein and preserving the human-animal bond!

Nashville Rescue Mission

In 2019, we supplied all necessary supplies needed for NRM to allow both residents and their dogs housing in both their men and women and children’s campus. This included everything from collars, leashes, dog bowls, enrichment supplies such as treats, kongs and rope toys to wire crates bedding and supplemental food for a year period.

Sabra Dog Training

In 2020, we began offering group training classes on-site, in partnership with Sabra Dog Training – a business which shares our belief in positive reinforcement, with emphasis on fear-free and relationship-based training.

Pets for Life

In 2020, what began as the accepting of emergency placements turned into our offering a wide range of supplies to clients of Pets for Life. These supplies include supplemental food, leashes and collars, dog houses and more.

Other Partnerships Include..

In response to the TN tornadoes that occurred in March 2020, we not only supplied thousands of donations on-site to individuals in need but also provided mass donations to the following organizations: Hermitage New Hope Baptist, Lee Chapel, Grace Place, Evans Hill Missionary Baptist, South New Hope Church Hermitage, Springdale Elementary, Mt. Gillian, Pearl Cohn High School, East Park Center, Hadley Com Center, Greater Missionary Church, SAFPAW, Little Pantry, East CAN, Calvary Critters, McGruder Resource Center, Restoration Rescue and county shelters across Tennessee.

How Can I Support Safety Net?


Please Note: If donating monetarily, please notate “Safety Net” while donating. Tangible donations most often needed by Safety Net are dry dog and cat food, wire crates, baby gates, basic supplies such as collars, leashes, harnesses and cable tethers for those without fencing in addition to dog houses for those in need.