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Safety Net: The Resource Center of NHA
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Safety Net: The Resource Center of NHA

What Is Safety Net?

Nashville Humane Association is dedicated to serving not only the community of homeless, at-risk and adoptable pets but the entire pet-owning community. We do this by performing what NHA refers to as “shelter as a service” keeping pets with their families and out of shelter and finding homes for those who need our help the most. As shelters progress into the 21st century, it is increasingly important their impact span beyond the animals – preserving the human-animal bond whenever possible and creating new bonds for those without.

Safety Net – The Resource Center of Nashville Humane Association – exists to preserve the human-animal bond by providing a resource response to both every-day challenges and often overwhelming crises. Resources relating to behavioral, training and rehoming guidance in addition to resource referrals for community cats, veterinary care, housing assistance and human services are provided in-shelter, online, by phone and through partners in our community. Services and programs such as our weekly Darcy Lashinsky Memorial Food Bank, Training for Forever program, Temporary Care program and Directory of Resources grant access to care to the most vulnerable populations, often those who face the greatest barriers and most harmful stigmas in our community. As we expand, our aim remains clear – to preserve the human-animal bond, improve access to care and reduce barriers therein.

How Can I Support Safety Net?


Tangible donations most often needed by Safety Net are dry dog and cat food, wire crates, baby gates, basic supplies such as collars, leashes and harnesses, dog houses and cable tethers and stakes for those without fencing.

Partnerships in the Community


Is your business or organization interested in becoming a partner of Safety Net? Email

Other Partnerships Include..

In response to the TN tornadoes that occurred in March 2020, we not only supplied thousands of donations on-site to individuals in need but also provided mass donations to the following organizations: Lee Chapel, Grace Place, Evans Hill Missionary Baptist, New Hope Church, Springdale Elementary, Mt. Gillian, Pearl Cohn High School, East Park Center, Hadley Com Center, Greater Missionary Church, SAFPAW, The Little Pantry That Could, East CAN, Calvary Critters, McGruder Resource Center, Meharry Medical College’s REACH Program, Bellevue Community Food Bank, Restoration Rescue and various county shelters across Tennessee with many of these organizations remaining our partners today!