Crisis Fostering

For pet-parents in crisis, our Resource Center and Foster Programs have combined to create a temporary foster opportunity for those in need. Temporary Care, otherwise known as Crisis Fostering, allows the pet-parent in need to receive short-term pet relief while they and work toward resolving their issue. The ultimate aim of this program allow families to know their pets are safe and secure, and they will be reunited with their families following a crisis, with the pet’s maximum length-in-program being no longer than 90 days.

Crisis Fostering Eligibility

  • The owner and animal(s) are displaced from their home due to a natural disaster, house fire or flooding.
  • The owner is a victim of domestic violence.
  • The owner is temporarily hospitalized for medical treatment or rehabilitation with planned dates for entry/exit.
  • The owner and animal(s) are facing a temporary change in housing due to an extenuating circumstance such as eviction or foreclosure.

To Qualify for our Program:

Please Note: Crisis Fostering is unable to support scenarios relating to relocation for work, travel, pet restrictions in current rental, awaiting closing on a house, pregnancy of pet-parent, etc. and does not act as a substitute for daytime boarding or pet sitting.

Crisis Fostering Application


Crisis Fostering is a 3-tier program.  There is no fee for Tier 1 Care of which 96% of pets received in 2021. Tier 1 Care commonly includes spay/neuter, basic vaccination and monthly prevention in addition to heartworm for dogs, FIV and FeLV testing for felines.

Pets receiving Crisis Fostering for 60-90 Days may be provided the option to visit with their families in-shelter once-monthly. This is pending bandwidth of staff/foster available.

No. This is for the safety and privacy of all. Updates of your pet (including photos of your pet) will be communicated to you once weekly via text or email via the Community Resource Coordinator.

Pets must be of sound temperament and manageable health and if not altered prior to Crisis Fostering, will be spayed/neutered in program at no cost.