Low-Cost Spay Neuter at NHA - Nashville Humane
Low-Cost Spay and Neuter at NHA
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Getting Ahead of Kitten Season


***Due to COVID-19, our spay-neuter clinic is currently closed with no set date for reopening. Please view our Pet Medical Help page for resources related to low-cost spay and neuter and more. ***


Nashville Humane Association is getting ahead of kitten season by providing $35 spay/neuters and vaccinations to your cats at the shelter.  These surgeries are available by appointment and will be handled on a first-come first-served basis. Financial assistance is available. Davidson County residents only. Please call for details.


If you own a cat that has yet to be spay/neutered then this program is perfect for you!  One of our missions here at Nashville Humane Association is to help in the controlling of pet overpopulation by providing affordable spay and neuter options for people and their pets.


How it works:

  • Call 615-352-4030 to schedule an appointment (Davidson County Residents)
  • Bring your cat to NHA (for the safety of the cat and our staff, all cats must be in a carrier)
  • Nashville Humane address: 213 Oceola Ave, Nashville TN 37209
  • All patients will receive a spay/neuter surgery and a rabies vaccine for just $35


Spaying and neutering one cat prevents an exponential amount of additional litters. Spaying and neutering not only reduces the number of animals that are killed in shelters each year but it also improves the life cycle and life span of all cats. In an effort to help control the volume of cats that are roaming free in neighborhoods and general cat overpopulation, NHA is offering this low-cost option.  Spaying and neutering our pets helps create good neighbors and reduces overpopulation. Call today and schedule an appointment!


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