Staff - Nashville Humane
Meet Nashville Humane's staff!
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Laura Baker

Executive Director


Becca Morris

Director of Operations and Development


Dr. Megan Anderson

Chief Medical Director



Matt Martin
Associate Veterinarian
Ext. 346

Sherrie Hession

Business Manager
Ext. 342

Becca Messner

Events & Community Outreach Coord.
Ext. 349

Kenneth Tallier

Public Media Relations Director
Ext. 351

Samantha Talbot
Foster Coordinator
Ext. 337

Lena Hooker

Volunteer Coordinator
Ext. 345

Kelsey Carlin

Intake Coordinator
Ext. 336

Kellie Hopkins

Animal Care Manager
Ext. 347

Amber Logue

Pet Services Team Lead
Ext. 340

Kyra Waller

Development Specialist
Ext. 350

Stacy Clark

Development & Communications Specialist
Ext. 355

Alexandra Furr

Safety Net Coordinator
Ext. 343