Our volunteers make all of the work we do possible. They go above and beyond for the animals, the shelter, and the Nashville community every day. Each and every one of our volunteers is an invaluable member of our team, but we like to take the time every month to highlight one special someone through our Volunteer of the Month segment. Check out some of these amazing animal lovers below!

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Nashville Humane Association

December 2019 – Jerry Rosales

Jerry began volunteering at NHA in July and quickly became a familiar face to all other volunteers and staff here. He participates in any and every opportunity he can and he’s always looking for more things he can do to help the animals and the shelter! He always has a positive attitude and goes with the flow no matter what is thrown his way which is a must in the shelter world! Jerry has a genuine and obvious love for animals and he dedicates so much of his time to care for those here while they wait for their forever homes. Jerry has been such an incredible addition to our team of volunteers and we are so lucky that he chose NHA to be the recipient of his generosity. Jerry, you are so appreciated by the people and animals here at NHA and we’re so happy to have you as part of our family! Thank you for all you do!

Nashville Humane Association

November 2019 – Caroline Clark

Congratulations to our November Volunteer of the Month, Caroline Clark! Caroline started volunteering at NHA not too long ago and has already completed 50 hours of volunteer work with us! And she has spent these 50 hours doing anything and everything she can here to help the animals. She not only cares for the animals at the shelter but she also works fundraising and adoption events, teaches humane education classes to kids in the community, and helps with any other project that needs to be done. And she’s even one of our amazing foster parents! She always has a positive attitude that spreads to everyone around her and her dedication to animals in need is inspiring. Caroline is an incredible person and volunteer and we are so lucky to have her as part of our NHA family. Thank you so much for everything you do Caroline!

Nashville Humane Association

October 2019 – Sarah King

Sarah King is our October Volunteer of the Month! Sarah has been volunteering with NHA for over 4 years and she is a vital part of our Community Outreach Team. If you attend a NHA event you are almost guaranteed to see Sarah there caring for the animals, facilitating adoptions, and training new volunteers. She also helps teach others about the importance of humane treatment of animals as a part of our Humane Education team. Her love for the animals and for NHA’s mission is evident through her hard work and endless dedication as a volunteer. Even when she’s not in the shelter or at an event, she’s spreading the word about animal rescue and welfare and encouraging others to get involved. We are so lucky to have Sarah not only as an advocate for our work and a member of our volunteer team, but as a part of our NHA family. Thank you Sarah for everything you do for the animals!

Nashville Humane Association

September 2019 – Matthew Tyndall

Congrats to Matthew Tyndall, our September Volunteer of the Month! Matthew began volunteering at NHA in March and quickly became a familiar face in the shelter. He wanted to get involved in every way he could and he did just that! Matthew spends so much of his time enriching the lives of the dogs and cats here and he is their biggest advocate to the public and potential adopters. He also volunteers at events, helps train new volunteers, participates in Rovernights, makes baked goods for everyone at the shelter, and recently began doing some incredible design work for us as well! He is happy to do anything and everything to help our shelter and our animals and we are so lucky to have him. Matthew, thank you so much for your endless generosity and dedication. We don’t know what we’d do without you!

Nashville Humane Association

August 2019 – Ryan Smith

Ryan has been volunteering with NHA for about a year and a half and he is a volunteer of all trades! Ryan primarily volunteers on our Community Outreach and Cat Care Teams, but he is always willing to step in and help with any project, no matter what it is! He is also one of our Lead Volunteers and has helped bring many new faces into the NHA family. Ryan always brings such a great energy with him when he volunteers and everyone loves working with him. Thank you so much Ryan for your constant generosity, positivity, and dedication to the animals at NHA! You’re an awesome volunteer and we are all so lucky to have you as a part of our team!

Nashville Humane Association

July 2019 – Robin Avison

Robin Avison is our July Volunteer of the Month! Robin has been a volunteer with NHA for nearly 15 years! She’s logged almost 600 hours caring for the cats here and training new volunteers! She is one of our Cat Care Team Leads and she’s always happy to share her kitty knowledge with fellow volunteers. Robin brings so much positivity and passion with her when she’s at the shelter and she helps make it a wonderful home for our feline friends. She is an amazing caretaker and teacher and we are all so lucky to have her as a part of our team! Thank you so much for all that you do, Robin!

Nashville Humane Association

June 2019 – Amanda Williams

Amanda has been a volunteer at NHA for four years – she began volunteering with us when she was just 17 years old! She dedicates so much of her time to volunteering with us and she does it all! She cares for our dogs and our cats and she is always happy to come lend a hand at our Community Outreach events too! As one of our Lead Volunteers, Amanda also helps train incoming volunteers to become awesome team members like her! Amanda always brings passion and positivity with her to the shelter and we are so lucky to have her as a part of our team. Thank you for all that you do, Amanda!

Nashville Humane Association

May 2019 – Jelena Kyle

Jelena is an amazing Volunteer and Foster with us here at NHA. She’s been with us almost a year and she’s volunteered at the shelter every chance she gets and has fostered 14 dogs! Some of you newer volunteers might recognize Jelena because she’s one of our Lead Volunteers and she’s trained so many of you over the past month! She’s happy to help wherever she’s needed and we can always count on her to pitch in! Jelena has not only been an incredible Volunteer and Foster – she’s become a friend to everyone here. We don’t know what we would do without you, Jelena! Thank you so much from all of us here for all that you do. We love having you as part of the NHA Team!

Nashville Humane Association

April 2019 – Mary Corrigan

Ms. Mary has been a NHA Volunteer for close to 5 1/2 years and has logged nearly 2,000 Volunteer hours! Ms. Mary is a Lead Volunteer on our Cat Care Team and we are all so lucky to have her. She is always willing to help out a fellow Volunteer or Staff Member and she loves helping adopters find their new furry family members. Ms. Mary takes the best care of our cats and is a wonderful teammate to everyone at NHA. On behalf of all of us here, both pets and people, thank you for all of your hard work, Ms. Mary!

Nashville Humane Association

March 2019 – Norma Riddick

Ms. Norma has been volunteering at NHA for nearly 10 years and has logged close to 4,000 volunteer hours! She is a friend to everyone at NHA and always makes sure that our dogs are getting the exercise, love, and attention that they need while they wait to find their forever homes. Thank you from all of the animals and people at NHA for all that you do Ms. Norma!

In the spring of 2019, NHA began revamping our volunteer program. We’re introducing programs for skilled volunteers, animal training for volunteers, and so much more.  We’re looking to build a volunteer force that is empowered to do so much great work for homeless and adoptable animals.

If you’d like to join our volunteer ranks or would like more information about volunteering at Nashville Humane, please contact:  volunteer@nashvillehumane.org.