Volunteer of the Month - Nashville Humane
Nashville Humane's Volunteer of the Month.
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 Volunteers of the Month  —  April 2020



Our Volunteer of the Month is a bit different for April. Usually this segment highlights one member of our amazing volunteer team who has recently gone above and beyond to help the animals and the people at NHA. But this month we had to switch it up to recognize all of you who selflessly put your community first when it needed you most.


This month we are recognizing all of our Disaster Relief Volunteers. It’s almost hard to believe that so much has happened in one month but just a few short weeks ago Nashville and surrounding areas suffered a devastating tornado. Many families lost their homes and some lost much more. At NHA we knew that there were families and pet owners who needed our help so we got to work, but there was so much to be done. We called upon our volunteer team to join in our efforts and we were blown away with the response. Hundreds of you immediately stepped up to offer every bit of time and energy you had to make these efforts possible. You ran mobile pet shelters, canvassed affected neighborhoods bringing supplies to pets in need, counted and organized rooms full of donations, ran supply stations around the city, and so much more. And those that were not able to help with relief efforts continued to take amazing care of the animals in our shelter. Every single need that arose our volunteer (and foster!) team was on top of. At NHA it is our mission to serve our community and this was a time when that was put to the test.Because of you, we were able to exceed what we thought possible and provide assistance to families in Nashville and beyond.


We have always known that our volunteer team is full of amazing and selfless individuals but the response we received during our disaster relief efforts floored me. We are so lucky to work with all of you and cannot thank you enough for all that you do for NHA and the Nashville community. 💙❤️💛

March 2020, Waldi Schmid!


Congratulations to our March Volunteer of the Month, Waldi Schmid! Waldi has been giving amazing care to the dogs at NHA for years. She does it all when it comes to helping the dogs – she walks them at the shelter, works on their training, helps out at events, and even trains incoming dog care volunteers. Most recently she was one of the many volunteers to help out with our disaster relief efforts after the tornadoes that devastated parts of Nashville and surrounding areas. Waldi’s never-ending knowledge and passion for the animals has made her an invaluable member of our team. She is a friend to volunteers, staff, and of course the animals at NHA. Waldi, thank you for your dedication to our shelter and the dogs who call it home. And thank you for making that home a happy one during their time here. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our NHA family! 💙❤️💛 

February 2020, Victoria Callan!


She is seen here in her happy place – the NHA Cat Room. Victoria is one of our amazing Cat Care Lead Volunteers and her dedication to the cats is inspiring. She spends so many of her afternoons at the shelter taking care of the cats and working hard to get them adopted. Victoria is also an invaluable member of our Community Outreach Team and is happy to step in wherever she is needed! Victoria’s positive attitude, huge heart, and eagerness to help others make her such a joy to have as a part of our team. She’s been volunteering with us for 6 months and we already don’t know what we’d do without her! Victoria, thank you so much for everything you do for NHA and the animals here. We ❤️ you!

January 2020, Cindy Hemby!


Cindy Hemby is our January Volunteer of the Month! Cindy has been a dedicated volunteer at NHA for over 15 years and has touched the lives of so many dogs and people here. She has spent over 2,000 hours caring for the dogs at the shelter and she has a soft spot for those that need a little extra help finding their forever home. She is shown here with her favorite fella, Lt. Dan, whom she has worked tirelessly with to get adoption-ready. Cindy made it a point to spend as much time working with Dan as she possibly could and would even come to the shelter to eat her lunch with him to keep him company and give him some extra love. Cindy is a champion for the dogs like Dan who need her the most and we are so appreciative to have her and her amazing heart around. Cindy, thank you for being an incredible member of our team and for all that you do for the animals here!

Nashville Humane Association’s every effort inside the shelter, and out in the community, is powered by volunteer assistance. While we hope these generous individuals feel appreciated by their peers and staff members on EVERY visit, we also like to take time each month to recognize one volunteer in particular.


In the spring of 2019, NHA began revamping our volunteer program. We’re introducing programs for skilled volunteers, animal training for volunteers, and so much more.  We’re looking to build a volunteer force that is empowered to do so much great work for homeless and adoptable animals.


If you’d like to join our volunteer ranks or would like more information about volunteering at Nashville Humane, please contact:  volunteer@nashvillehumane.org.