Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive. If you don’t see your question here, head over to our Contact Us page and reach out to us directly.

Head over to our Lost & Found page for assistance with Lost and Found pets.

It’s pretty easy to adopt from Nashville Humane. First, go here to learn more about our Adoption Process. Then, to view our current line-up of amazing adoptable dogs and cats, check-out our Adoption page.

Yes! While you do not have to be a Nashville or Tennessee resident to adopt from Nashville Humane, you do have to be present at our facility (213 Oceola Ave) to complete our adoption process. Please note: we do not offer online adoptions of any type. For more information about the steps to adopt, visit our Adoption Process page. 

We do not currently offer this service directly to the public. We assist shelters with volume surgeries. For low-cost options and other resources, check out our Pet Medical Help page.

No. Due to the sheer intake volume and number of pets that come through our doors on an annual basis, there is no real ability for us to keep or maintain a waiting list like this. That said, you can follow us on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and check out our Adoption Pages for real time updates on the pets that are currently in our program:


If you are a Davidson County resident, call Metro Animal Care and Control at 615-862-7928 or fill out their form online. Other county contacts are as follows:

Any shelter that falls below a 90% euthanization rate is considered a “No Kill” shelter. While we at Nashville Humane Association appreciate the need for some shelters to classify themselves, we also understand that phrases like “No Kill” are loaded terms and don’t entirely represent the day-to-day rigors necessary to responsibly run operations and care for pets. Simply, there is no one single solution. While we do euthanize animals, it is never a quick nor easy decision, and it is always necessary due to illness, injury, or dangerous and aggressive behavior problems. That said, for many years running now, we have had a 99% save rate, which is amazing, and something we’re proud of — not because of a specific number, but because the number represents the work, care, attention, caution, and consideration that goes into a difficult decision like euthanasia. This number may not be realistic every year, but we can certainly have it as a goal, while still remaining realistic and pragmatic about the challenges that come with caring for thousands of pets annually.