Featured 2022 Designer

Tanya Taylor

Tanya Taylor is an independent fashion brand based in New York City. Founded in 2012, the brand presents a unique and refreshing vision inspired by the city’s energy, art, and the diverse women who inhabit it. Tanya’s world is modern, artful and liberating.

Raised in a creative environment, Tanya was encouraged to explore art from a young age. From taking art classes to painting vibrant murals on the walls of her childhood home, it all led her to find her purpose as a creative entrepreneur.

Taking an artistic, thoughtful approach to fashion, she intertwines the use of color, texture, and original hand-painted prints with uplifting and celebratory silhouettes into each size-inclusive collection, so all women have a way to express themselves creatively and confidently.

Tanya received her Bachelor of Commerce in Finance from McGill University and is a graduate of the AAS Fashion Design program at Parsons School of Design. She currently acts as CEO and Creative Director of the Brand.

Raising Funds, Saving Lives.

35th Annual Cause for Paws

Tickets Available Summer 2023

Excellence in Animal Welfare.

Julia Colton Award for Excellence in Animal Welfare

The Julia Colton Award for Excellence in Animal Welfare was first presented in 1995. This award is given annually, in honor of lifetime board member, Julia Colton, in order to recognize an individual who has made a significant contribution to the welfare of animals throughout Middle Tennessee.

For many years, Julia Colton served as a member of the Nashville Humane Association Board of Directors, and volunteered countless hours of her time to the shelter. During that time, Julia served as President of the NHA Volunteer Association, and was an active member of the long range planning committee. She chaired numerous fundraising events and devoted her life to aiding and assisting homeless and at-risk animals. She was an inspiration to everyone she met, and a true hero to the animals in our care.

Julia’s objective was “to get the job done” by serving as an active volunteer with NHA and steward to shelter pets for more than fifteen years. In short, Julia helped make Nashville a better place for animals in need. Tragically, in 1989 Julia suffered a intracranial hemorrhage which resulted in a condition of Aphasia. Julia currently resides in a healthcare facility in Nashville. And her life’s work of care and dedication to shelter pets continues to inspire those who know her and those who follow in her footsteps.

Previous Winners

  • Frances Hutchison 1995
  • Huldah Sharp 1996
  • George Cook 1997
  • Nancy Van Camp 1998
  • Robin Patton 1999
  • Sharon Langford 2000
  • James DeLanis 2001
  • Sonya Velez 2002
  • Dr. Beverly Hollis 2003
  • Beverly Swearingen 2004
  • Dr. Sharon Hensley 2005
  • Susan Heard 2006
  • Mary Nell Bryan 2007
  • Dr. Bryan Bondurant 2008
  • Robin Patton 2009
  • Gigi Grimstad 2010
  • Leslie Roberts Dabrowiak 2011
  • Marion Couch 2012
  • Tonya Mitchem Grindon 2013
  • Janice McKeehan LeGasse 2014
  • Darcy Miller Lashinsky 2015
  • Mike Hill 2016
  • Marcia Masulla 2017
  • Rebecca Burcham 2018
  • Wells Adams 2019
  • Amy Adams Strunk 2020
  • Ryan Johansen 2021

2021 Photo Gallery

Cause for Paws

Special Sneak Preview

Every year Cause For Paws features a special fashion show gala straight off the runway and brought exclusively to our fundraising event.

Premier Auction

The only way you can gain access and bid on these amazing auction packages is to actually attend the Cause For Paws gala!

Exclusive Pop-Up Shop

This is a one-of-a-kind shopping experience brought to attendees of Cause for Paws courtesy of Gus Mayer and designer Tanya Taylor.

Special thanks to our supporting partners!

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