What are extra care campaigns?

When making a gift to Nashville Humane, you can elect to make your contribution to our general operations, and know that your donor dollars will always be put to the best possible use to help as many shelter pets as possible.

But at other times, you may wish to designate your gift to a specific fund, or support a specific program, and our online donation process makes it easy to make that happen.

Have a Heart

‘Have a Heart’ is NHA’s support program to treat and adopt heartworm positive dogs. In 2019, NHA treated approximately 60 animals that tested positive for heartworm disease. In 2021, NHA had grown that to 162 heartworm positive dogs. Heartworm disease is rampant throughout the southeast and can be deadly if left untreated. Many shelters with limited resources cannot afford to treat this condition, and we transport from partners to assist those who cannot. You can directly support our Have a Heart program by giving to this fund.

Parvo ICU

Canine Parvovirus (CPV) is a highly contagious viral illness that affects puppies and young dogs. Without treatment, Parvovirus is deadly, and due to its highly contagious nature, it can wipe out entire shelter populations. Treatment is extensive round-the-clock care and incredibly costly, due to medication, and length of time in our ICU. We created this Parvo ICU fund for supporters to help us save precious puppy lives.

Community Resources

In 2020, Nashville Humane launched our Community Resource program to not only help pets, but pet-owning families in our community. We are driven to be more than just a great place to adopt dogs, cats, puppies and kittens (which we are), we want to support our community and the pet-loving people who are our neighbors and friends. We offer resources for behavioral training, crisis fostering, rehoming guidance, community veterinary and emergency services, pet resources, and other pet-related assistance. To directly support our Community Resources you can give to this fund.

Food Bank

Sometimes people just need a little helping hand. Our Darcy Lashinsky Memorial Food Bank provides members of our community who may be struggling with feeding their furry family members assistance with pet food. Our weekly community Food Bank we is largely volunteer run and donor driven. If you would like to directly support our Darcy Lashinsky Memorial Food Bank, you can give directly to this fund.