Mutt Strutt 5k - Nashville Humane
Information for our annual Mutt Strutt 5k.
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2020 Mutt Strutt

October 25, 2020 (Or Whenever You Want!)


This year at the Music City Mutt Strutt presented by Idexx people and pooches alike will gather to strutt their stuff for a great cause! Join our virtual host Erica Glover and run for a great cause… shelter pets. All money raised through the Mutt Strutt enables the Nashville Humane Association to provide care and love to the animals entrusted to us each day. The event is outdoors, fun for the whole family and we will be awarding medals to all runners and special prizes at the event.


Since 2020 presents a new and unique set of challenges we’re working to create a fun and friendly environment where people can feel safe and still help raise much-needed funds for one of Nashville’s favorite animal shelters. This year you’re going to Race Your Own Way with Mutt Strutt.  Race Day can be your own and on your own time. We’ll give you the course path, you run your own strutt and share with us your time, or photos, video or story. Afterall, Mutt Strutt isn’t all about the race, it’s about raising much-needed funds for the shelter pets!


Your $20 registration fee is a donation to Nashville Humane Association and supporting humane education, community spay/neuter and homeless/adoptable pets.




Beginning around October 1, 2020

Runners and participants will be able to pick up their race info either at the shelter Nashville Humane Association (213 Oceola Ave) or digitally. We’ll provide more information and contact information as it becomes available.


At that point you’ll be able to pick your own time and race. You can bring your pup, you can run with family or friends, or you can go it alone. Just send us your time, and hopefully some pictures and video from your race day. You’ll “Race Your Own Way” and help save the lives of some pretty special shelter pets at Nashville Humane.

Race Your Own Date!


Shelby Bottoms Park (East Nashville)


Registration Fee:
$20 donation to NHA, includes Finisher Medal!

Strutt Your Stuff… Solo!




This year has presented unique challenges for groups to gather and events to take place. Nashville Humane Association holds events like Mutt Strutt to raise much-needed funds for homeless and adoptable shelter pets in Nashville, Middle Tennessee and across the globe. We save lives and it’s all because of your support.


This year we’ll give you the course map and you can make Race Day your day. You can share with us your time, photos, video, tell us your story. Then we’ll combine everything into one great highlight montage. In the end, it’s not really about the race, it’s about raising funds for shelter pets!


Any way you slice it, way your Entry Fee goes straight to benefit Nashville Humane!  REGISTER HERE!




Strutt Your Stuff… Together!




You love Mutt Strutt and you love supporting the shelter pets at Nashville Humane.  How do you make an even bigger impact?  Build your own Mutt Strutt team of friends to join you!


Mutt Strutt is about raising funds to support the mission at NHA. So even if you and your friends don’t want to strutt, you can build a team of fundraisers and ask for contributions to NHA.


It’s Easy!  Hit the REGISTER BUTTON, then CREATE A TEAM. From there just fill in the information and share your team page with your friends, family and on social media!





Strutting your stuff for shelter pets and adoptable animals is paw-some! What’s even more paw-some? Strutting with friends and co-workers. You can start your own fundraising team and run together. Or you can coordinate with your employer/coworkers and all strutt for shelter pets together.


If you want more information about starting your own fundraising team or a team for your company/corporation, check out our Corporate Packet:

Download the Mutt Strutt Corporate Packet Here






This year for Mutt Strutt we’re embracing the FUN! So, maybe you can ‘win’ the race… maybe your cup o’ tea is about the ‘style’ of your performance. Either way, we’ve got prizes for the winners of the following categories:


  • Fastest Dog (5K)
  • Slowest Dog (5K)
  • Fastest Human (male and female)
  • 2nd Fastest Human (male and female)
  • 3rd Fastest Human (male and female)
  • Top Individual Fundraiser
  • Top Team Fundraiser
  • Best Dog Costume
  • Best Human + Dog Duo Costume
  • Best Team Costume


For the most enjoyable walk experience please remember these points:


  • Bring your animal only if he/she enjoys other animals and people.
  • Animals must be on leashed at all times.
  • Please be prepared to clean up after your animal.
  • Water will be provided for animals and walkers throughout the day.
  • Small snacks will be available after the walk.


Why Strutt?


Why strutt? Well, what better way to get out there and support shelter pets than a fun run/walk/strutt in a beautiful Metro Nashville park on behalf of Nashville Humane Association.


  • Your super cheap registration fee of just $20 goes straight to the shelter pets at NHA
  • It’s great exercise
  • You get to do something good for yourself that is also good for someone else!
  • Supporting NHA means saving lives, last year NHA found happy tails for more than 3500 animals!
  • Did we mention that it’s a ton of fun?


So, don’t hesitate. Don’t wait or consternate. Just hit that REGISTER NOW button and let’s get struttin’ for shelter pets!!

As always – We THANK YOU for supporting Nashville Humane Association!!