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Temporary Care


For pet-parents in crisis, our Safety Net and Foster departments combine to create a safe haven for those in need. Temporary Care, otherwise known as crisis fostering, allows the pet-parent in need to receive life-saving services and work toward crisis resolution all while having peace of mind in knowing their pet – which over 80% of persons consider a family member – is safe and secure. The ultimate aim of this program being to reunite pets with their families following a crisis, with the pet’s maximum length-in-program being no longer than 90 days.

Are You In Need of Temporary Care?


Those working toward crisis resolution and experiencing transitional homelessness (due to income loss, change in family status, natural disaster, house fire or flooding or fleeing domestic violence) and or needing hospitalization or rehabilitation with planned dates for entry/exit may qualify for Temporary Care.


To Apply For Temporary Care, Click Here and email our Safety Net Resource Coordinator alexandra@nashvillehumane.org with photos of your pet, allowing up to 72 hours for repsonse with Temporary Care being available as resources allow.


Please Note: Temporary Care is unable to support scenarios relating to relocation for work, travel, pet restrictions in current rental, awaiting closing on a house, pregnancy of pet-parent, etc. and does not act as a substitute for daytime boarding or pet sitting. For Temporary Care requests relating to rehabilitation and hospitalization, we are only able to consider requests if the client is connected to a human service agency, rehabilitation center or hospital with planned dates for entry/exit.

How I Can Support Temporary Care?


  • Foster for Temporary Care. This is our largest need! Fosters should live within an hour of NHA and be 18+ with a shared goal of keeping pets with the families who love them.
  • Donate Tangible Goods or Monetarily. Please specify “Safety Net” when donating for maximum impact.
  • Partner with Safety Net. Human service partners are especially needed in meeting both ends of the leash. To partner, email alexandra@nashvillehumane.org


What percent of pets are reunited with their families? 85% Percent of Pets were reunited with their families in 2021! The 15% not reunited relating to hospitalization or rehabilitation of individual/family with Temporary Care having a 100% live outcome rate in 2021.


Is there a cost? So we may support all veterinary needs, Temporary Care is a 3-tier program.  There is no fee for Tier 1 Care of which 96% of pets received in 2021. Tier 1 Care commonly includes spay/neuter, basic vaccination and monthly prevention in addition to HW, FIV and FeLV testing. For pets receiving Tier 2 Care (Advanced veterinary support, typically relating to infection or treatable disease) there is a fee of <$250 collected at reclaim. For pets receiving Tier 3 Care (Major veterinary support, typically relating to life-saving intervention) there is a fee of <$500 collected at reclaim.


Will I get to visit my pet? Pets receiving Temporary Care for 60-90 Days may be provided the option to visit with their families in-shelter once-monthly, pending bandwidth of staff/client available.


Will I be provided the foster’s contact and vice versa? No – This is for the safety and privacy of all. Updates of your pet (including photos of your pet) will be communicated to you once weekly via text or email via the Safety Net Resouce Coordinator.


Further requirements for pets? Pets must be of sound temperament and manageable health and if not altered prior to Temporary Care, will be spayed/neutered in program at no cost.


Further requirements for individuals and families? Clients must provide weekly progress updates via text, email or phone. These are generally informal updates but intended to ensure frequent and consistent communication is had. Clients are also responsible for transportation to and from appointment(s)

Additional Resources


Those seeking Temporary Care may also opt to post their pet to the rehoming networks listed on our Rehoming Resources page, stipulating the desire to reunite with their pet in the pet’s bio – made simple by using our Let’s Build a Bio tool and Animal Sheltering’s Sample Temporary Care Contract. Need more resources? Visit our comprehensive and topic-driven Directory of Resources which offers resources for humans and their pets alike!


RedRover offers individual boarding grants for those fleeing domestic violence and those being hospitalized for COVID-19.

Abbie’s Safe House for Pets

Abbie’s Safe House for Pets at YWCA allows individuals and families fleeing domestic violence to remain with their pets through on-site boarding.


Safpaw offers emergency fostering for homeless pets.

Pawster Nashville

Pawster Nashville offers emergency fostering to those in crisis.

Dogs on Deployment

Dogs on Deployment offers peer-to-peer fostering for those on deployment.

PACT for Animals

PACT for Animals offers peer-to-peer fostering for those on deployment, experiencing a change in station or receiving medical treatment (including mental health and drug/alcohol treatment)

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pets

Guardian Angels for Soldier’s Pets offers peer-to-peer fostering for those on deployment in addition to veterinary funding assistance.

911 Foster Pets

911 Foster Pets offers emergency peer-to-peer fostering for pets in need.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Temporary Care at NHA..
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In February, I found myself in a situation where I needed Mrs. Reagan, the love of my life, fostered for a few weeks. I was referred to the Temporary Care program at Nashville Humane Association where I was put in contact with their Safety Net Resource Coordinator Alexandra who couldn’t have been more friendly, caring and helpful! A very genuine individual, she made me feel comfortable with leaving Reagan rather than uneasy. NHA ensured Ms. Reagan was up to date on shots, spayed her and found a wonderful foster for my baby! NHA and Alexandra made what was a very difficult time for me as painless as possible. I can’t thank them enough and was just floored by the kindness. Once settled completely in Nashville I will definitely be volunteering my time to them for whatever needs they have. Thanks again, NHA!



Gail and Ms. Reagan the Dog

Joanelle and Jude

I can’t say enough about the Temporary Care provided by Nashville Humane Association. I adore my wonderful dog Jude so much. He keeps me moving with his love of long walks and playing catch. He’s just so loving! When I needed to receive treatment involving a hospital stay I absolutely felt panicked. Fortunately, Nashville Humane Association was OUR best friend. Jude stayed with a loving foster family for seven days and even came home with a new harness, leash and great new toys! Alexandra was so kind and caring. Jude got a health checkup and vaccinations. For an older person on a very fixed income, facing an unexpected hospital stay could mean putting a beloved four-legged family member in a precarious care situation. I’m so grateful Alexandra and the foster family were there to give my sweet Jude great care and lots of love. Just a beautiful service for older folks and their pets here in Nashville!


Joanelle and Jude the Dog


Nashville Humane Association’s Temporary Care program means a lot to me! When we were in a hard situation, we didn’t know who to turn to or who was going to help us take care of Ozzie. If it wasn’t for NHA’s Temporary Care program, I honestly wouldn’t have known what to do. It provided so much and Ozzie met some beautiful families and was spoiled throughout his journey – even gained a little weight! And I gained so much love for the program! It’s truly a blessing having programs like these helping families stay together – It helped me stay with my Ozzie! NHA Temporary Care program is an angel in disguise!


Brianna and Ozzie the Dog

Meagan and Jenny

The Temporary Care program at NHA was truly such a blessing. They took wonderful care of my cat Jenny this summer, when I did not have a consistent permanent home to live in.  I never had to worry about Jenny, I knew she was receiving all the love and care possible while in their hands. They went above and beyond with regular updates and pics of Jenny. When we were reunited,  they even gave Jenny plenty of cat toys and other necessities. I am beyond grateful for this program and their generosity and love for animals!


Meagan and Jenny the Cat