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Find out how you can get involved with volunteering for Nashville Humane!
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Volunteers and Foster


Volunteers and fosters are an integral part of the Nashville Humane Association family. It’s volunteers and fosters that help make our program successful, their work directly contributed to our 99% save rate, and they are the lifeblood of our team. Simply, if we didn’t have such an amazing group of kind and caring ‘friends of shelter pets’ to dedicate their time and energy, we wouldn’t exist.  On behalf of every dog, puppy, cat and kitten, thank you barks and meows go to you!

Volunteer Information


There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities at NHA for people who care about supporting homeless and adoptable pets in our community. In addition to our regular volunteer opportunities, we also offer Group/Corporate Volunteer Days as well as Community Service Volunteering. To learn more about volunteering with NHA, our age and commitment requirements, and how to apply please visit our Volunteer Information page.


Volunteer Information

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Foster Information: 


Fosters truly do save lives. Fosters allow us to provide medical care to animals in need, special attention to pets who do not thrive in a shelter environment, bottle feedings for baby kittens and so much more. Fosters open up space at the shelter that give adoptable animals a second chance at an amazing life. If you’re interested in joining our NHA foster family, you can complete a Foster Application. If you’re interested in learning more about foster opportunities and other useful fister information, visit our Foster Information page, or email foster@nashvillehumane.org.


Foster Information

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Foster Application


Interested in fostering for Temporary Care, otherwise known as crisis fostering for owned pets? Email alexandra@nashvillehumane.org and apply to Foster for Temporary Care today and thank you for helping us to keep pets with the families who love them!

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Interested in volunteering with NHA? Check out our opportunities and applications here!  



Interested in becoming an NHA foster?  Apply Here!