Special Adoption Form

We are so glad you’re applying to adopt one of these special pups from our shelter.

To be eligible to adopt, YOU MUST CAREFULLY READ ALL of the instructions below. Then fully complete the application form at the bottom of this page. The Application form is about 20 questions and in three (3) sections.

This special adoption application is for the Late August Doodle Mill Dogs. If you are interested in being among the candidates eligible to adopt, please fill out the application form below. NOTE: this is the only way to apply for the pets listed below. If you previously filled out a general application on our website, it will not apply.

SPECIAL ADOPTION APPLICATION PROCESS – In the past when we’ve had what we refer to as “highly-adoptable” pets we’ve tried a number of different methods. This process is a bit different than even that last “doodle” process a couple weeks ago. We know that there will be a lot of interest, but we also know that there will only be a few special final landing spots for these guys. We’ve created a special adoption page here on our website and created an online adoption application below.

As a heads-up about the application, it’s no different than any other application process that we have. Our goal here is to simply find the best possible adopters and give you the possible shelter pet experience possible. You’re going to apply here. We’re going to start contacting people who meet the minimum requirement. You’ll be invited to do a meet and greet. Our Pet Services team will counsel you on the adoption. Very similar to adopting “regularly”, only slightly different.


Why Special Adoption Fee? Nashville Humane employs what is called a ‘Sliding Scale’ adoption fee. That means that most pets fall within our “normal” range (from $90 to $200), however there are times when NHA will have “outlier” situations. As an example, some special needs or longer stay animals will have reduced adoption fees, or no adoption fee at all. Some pets have sponsored adoption fees, so they’re basically a “free” adoption to the public. Then, like in this circumstance, there are also certain high-demand animals that have much higher adoption fees. This is a rare occurrence, but it does happen from time-to-time. Because we anticipate that these “special” cases will be high-demand adoption animals, the lasting legacy of the adorable Yorkie puppy, who will assuredly be adopted in 5 minutes, isn’t that they spent a short amount of time in our program. It’s that they actually get to save the life of the senior Pittie who has been at the shelter for months. We use these higher fees to off-set the costs of care, stay and medical for all the animals at the shelter. Remember, Nashville Humane is an entirely gift-based not-for-profit, and we have to be creative from time-to-time with how we raise funds. We aren’t a government-funded organization. We don’t have an over-arching national organization to support us. We are a small, local shelter, and a scalable adoption fee structure helps us keep our lights on and our doors open. Ultimately, though, these are all exceptions to the rule. For 99.9% of the animals that are adopted from our shelter, the Adoption Fees at NHA are simply the “normal” adoption fees. And if this adoption fee isn’t for you, that’s totally fine and understandable. This is an outlier situation, that’s why this page is called “Special Adoption Form”, we strongly encourage you to take a look at our regular adoption pages.

Why these pets? First and foremost, why not these pets? Rescuing pets from deplorable puppy mill conditions is what we do. Last year we transported 176 pets into our program from puppy mill and animal hoarding cases working with local shelters and national organizations to make these rescues happen. Additionally, like mentioned above, these ‘special adoption pets’ will go a long way toward helping us fund our programming. Now, if your question is “why these pets instead of…” it’s a simple matter of 30-40 pets transferred in was a Sunday transfer. That doesn’t really affect Tuesday’s transfer, or Thursday’s transfer later that week, much less our macro transport schedule. We’re still supporting local shelters. We still have our weekly transport appointment with MACC. Basically, one doesn’t really affect the other, we can effectively walk and chew gum at the same time.


Here is the information that we have to share about these adoptable pets. The behavior notes below are given from their fosters or observed from our Animal Care team at the shelter. Please note re: breed info – we are giving our best guess based on the information that we have. We have not done DNA tests. We do not make any guarantees about this type of information. We’re just simply passing along information to the best of our knowledge.

Adult Doodles

Nashville Humane Association

Menefee (left)

2 Years Female
Poodle Mix

Nashville Humane Association

Gargus (right)

4 Years Female
Poodle Mix

Nashville Humane Association


4 Years Female
Mini Bernese Mtn/Doodle

Nashville Humane Association


2 Years Male
Bernese Mtn/Doodle

Nashville Humane Association


2 Years Female
Golden Doodle Mix


Please fully read the pet information provided below. Because of the environment they grew up in, we do know that each pup is dog-friendly. Some have varying energy levels that make them a “better fit” to some people/pet’s lifestyles than others. But all of that will be discussed in pre-adoption interviews. As you can read from all of these notes, they all need time, care and attention. Yes, they’re cute. But they need owners who care about owning and caring for a dog, not just people who want something cute.

Menefee – Menefee is a 2 year old, female, poodle-mix who is an absolute sweetheart. Menefee is still a work in progress, but she’s learning to trust and has become more confident every day. She is currently housed with Gargus because she is happiest when she is with another dog. We recommend that Menefee go into a house with another dog.

Gargus – Gargus is a 4 year old, female, poodle-mix who is still learning how to trust. Gargus is currently housed with Menefee but they are not a “bonded pair” so much as they just both would want another dog in the home they go to. Gargus is still learning to be a dog, and would be best in a home with a confident dog that will teach her how to be a dog.

Perdita – Perdita is a 4 year old, female, Mini Bernese Mtn/Doodle. Perdita is doing great in her new post-puppy mill life. She’s super smart and learning new things, like how to walk on a leash. She’s becoming more confident every day and really coming into her own. She would probably benefit from going into a home with another dog.

Professor – Professor is a 2 year old, male, Bernese Mtn/Doodle. He has a quirky fun-loving personality. He is quite comfortable walking on a leash and enjoys sniffing his surroundings. While at the shelter he has co-housed and thrived with another dog. He’s a great leash walker, enjoys outside time and has started to solicit attention from people (a great sign that he’s coming out of his shell!)

Phineas – Phineas is a 2 year old, female, Golden Doodle mix. Phineas is a sweet, curious and has a gentle way about her. She has gotten comfortable with leash walks and continues to gain confidence every day. She would potentially be good in a home with other pets but would prefer to eat separately. Otherwise, as the only pet in a home would be great too!


Please fully complete the application for adoption below. We use our application to best determine the ability for the applicant to adopt an animal from our shelter. That animal’s welfare is our foremost consideration. Again: provided that you meet our minimum standard for pet ownership, your application will be entered into a drawing.

When completing the application, you must designate which dog(s) you are applying for. If you’d like to apply for multiple dogs, just put them in preferred order. If you just want to adopt a special pup and don’t really care, say “Any Good Fit” and we’ll work with you.

It is important that you complete the application in its entirety and share any and all information possible. Incomplete or incorrect applications will be disqualified.

APPLICATIONS WILL START BEING REVIEWED SEPTEMBER 14 at 12:00PM. All adopters will be notified directly using the contact information given on your application.

Please note: this is a different application. Even if you applied previously, YOU MUST APPLY AGAIN.

NOTE: If you are having difficulty accessing the Google Form below, try using Chrome browser on a Desktop or Laptop computer. Some mobile devices have difficulty with Google Forms.


All animals are examined by veterinary service staff member upon entry and their health is routinely monitored while at the shelter. We do our best to identify all medical conditions and inform potential adopters about any ailments we find during a medical conversation prior or at adoption. That said, not every condition is identified by our team before adoption. We encourage you to reach out to our veterinary team if there are immediate issues.*

*However, there is always a chance that an animal is incubating a disease or other health problem without showing any clinical signs. You are requested to contact Nashville Humane Association and advise us of any health problems. You will be instructed to bring the pet back to the shelter for our assessment. Should you seek veterinary care you are responsible for those bills. We suggest you obtain an estimate of your potential expense prior to treatment.

Our adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, microchip, first series of vaccinations, deworming, feline leukemia/aids testing or heartworm testing (as applicable), and identification tag for dogs and puppies, and a cardboard carrier for cats and kittens.

If you run into any problems or have any accessibility issues contact us at 615-352-1010 for additional instructions. If you are having difficulty completing the Google Form on a mobile device, you may find it easier to use a laptop or desktop computer.


  • Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a picture I.D. showing your present address
  • You do not have to be a Nashville or Tennessee resident, but you must be present at the shelter on adoption day to complete the adoption.
  • Be able and willing to accept the responsibilities necessary to provide training, proper care, and medical treatment, that a pet requires
  • Responsible pet ownership is something that we place a great emphasis on. We want people who are making a mature and thoughtful decision about adding to their family.