As a result of COVID-19, resources shown may be offering reduced services at this time. Please call or visit the websites listed for further information.

Emergency Veterinary

Nashville Veterinary Specialists
2971 Sidco Drive
Nashville TN 37204

Blue Pearl
3020 Mallory Lane
Franklin, TN 37067

Nashville Veterinary Specialists
685 Kennedy Lane
Clarksville, 37040 

Veterinary Funding

Cancer and Non-Basic, Non-Urgent, Funds:

The Magic Bullet FundLive like Roo and The Riedel and Cody Fund apply to pets needing chemotherapy, radiation treatment and cancer-related surgery.

Frankie’s Friends – This fund only applies to those being treated at Blue Pearl hospitals.

Friends and Vets Helping Pets – This fund primarily assists those with tumors, broken bones and those needing ambulatory care, expensive medication or post-surgical prosthetic devices.

Paws4Cure – This fund assists those with cancer, those who are heartworm positive and those needing wheelchair assist and/or non-routine care.

The Pet Fund – This fund assists those needing non-routine care but is well known for extended wait periods.

Lucy the Rescue Dog – This fund assist those who have a treatable disease or injury.

Diabetic Cats in Need – This grant provides long-term assistance to those below the poverty line and one-time assistance for those not below the poverty line.

Bow Wow Buddies – Grants may be up to $2500 but the average awarded is $1200. This may be used for amputation surgery, intestinal blockage, broken limb repair, cancer treatment or other life-altering procedures.

Tripawds – This fund grants small grants up to $500 to those below the poverty line to assist with amputation surgery.

AlignCare – This fund works with social service providers to provide veterinary services at rates below market.

For those local to Nashville, TN contact Animal House and Beesley Animal  Foundation when in need of low-cost full-service support.

Emergency Funds:

The Mosby Foundation– This fund primarily assists the critically injured.

Lovie’s Legacy – This fund grants small grants only – typically less than $150.

Molly’s Hope – This fund grants small grants only – typically less than $400.

For the Love of Alex – This fund may only be used for life-threatening situations.

Hearts United for Animals – This fund may only be used by those who have been turned down from Care Credit.

STARelief – This fund grants small grants only – typically less than $500. This fund is available to those below the poverty line to assist with emergency medical, spay and neuter, routine care and end of life services.

Prescription Medications:

The Brown Dog Foundation – This fund assists TN residents in covering the cost of their canine’s prescription medication.

Good RX – While your vet is needed to write a script, you can have this script filled elsewhere. Good Rx allows you to find the lowest cost!


Crowdfunding platforms have also proven successful for many. For this reason, we encourage you to post to PlumfundCofund My Pet and Waggle to maximize your funding efforts! While not pet-specific, Go Fund Me has also proven a successful platform!  A side note about Waggle – when posting, make sure to apply for their fund-matching grant! Don’t forget to utilize social media as well – Facebook and Instagram are fantastic tools to communicate your pet’s need and have a broad reach! You may also consider utilizing credit cards Care CreditWells Fargo Veterinary and Scratch Pay.

Humane Euthanasia

While euthanasia services are available via the low-cost clinics mentioned at the top of the page, in addition to your local veterinary office, in-home euthanasia is available via Pet Loss at Home and Lap of Love.  So to determine if this pathway is best for your pet, please speak with a veterinary professional and review the resources below. To learn more about what to expect when humanely euthanizing your pet, click here.

Behavioral Euthanasia:

Medical Euthanasia: